What they say about High Harm


A really exciting read; not put-downable. The writer knows a lot of frightening stuff.

Charles Stewart

This book combines glittering, sharp writing with a fast-moving, compelling plot. It’s not often you get both together. The worlds of extreme skiing, intelligence and international crime are woven together in a way that is plausible and frequently deeply unsettling. Thoroughly recommended. Someone should make a film out of it.

– catherinemcc

Mark Law has penned more than a fast-paced thriller. Behind the blinding snow and evil action that unfolds high up among a group of expert but unwary skiers, is the guiding legacy of a cruelly murdered sage who has uncovered a criminal cancer rapidly invading the British Establishment. Law exposes miscreants of international society with far wider horizons than most people might comprehend.
After reading this, you will never again take the honesty of your state representatives for granted.
The book, with its substantial backdrop of philosophical justice, could easily double as a recruiting manifesto for a new type of global law enforcer.

– Pat Prentice

Really good story, sometimes got a bit confused by all the characters with names beginning with C but apart from that a good plot and a good read.

– Michele Smith

This is fiction at its finest and I can thoroughly recommend it. . . . Mr Law captures your imagination so elegantly that you’re very soon involved and loving every page. A thoroughly terrific read.

– Adland Jill

Really good page turner. Short chapters which keep you on your toes. Best thriller I have read in a long time.

– Octavian von Hofmannsthal

Excellent. A heart racing thriller with a dark twist.

– The Last Tsar